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Our Story

We are a team of people with creative, dynamic and forward-thinking minds. We came together to help companies, both big and small, design agile, well-oiled online strategies and have been successfully doing so since our inception.

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Our Process

Social Drive works with you to create a robust and optimized online presence . This presence may include an SEO strategy, the development of social channels, blog writing, management of AdWords, reputation management, and so on. These are aspects of your business that matter and Social Drive can help you determine which are important for you and which are not.

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Your Growth

Growing your company’s online presence can be time-consuming and frustrating. It doesn’t happen overnight and rarely happens organically, but regardless of the hurdles its a marketing avenue well-worth taking. Creating social channels, increasing your AdWord spend and/or optimizing your website content, all gives your company the opportunity to reach out and speak to your target audience in one of the most direct ways possible.

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Why deal with the extra headaches and costs of an in-house online marketing team when you can hire Social Drive? We’re industry experts and accessible 24/7.

Meet Your Marketing Team!


Co-Founder and Business Strategy Maven

Kristine Resendes

Kristine is your go-to for all things business strategy. Whether it’s working at the C-Level to build out an airtight marketing plan, or starting from the ground up, she’ll have your team running like a well-oiled machine in no time!

  • Masters of Science in Marketing
  • Financial Whiz Kid
  • Graphic Designer and Videographer


Co-Founder and Master of Social Strategy

Aubrey Burke

Aubrey lives for inbound marketing, social media site optimization, and killer blog posts. When she’s not at the office, you’ll find her busily building knife-sharp infographics or cleaning up after her crazy-but-loveable dog, Piper.

  • Client Rep extraordinaire and professional hand-holder
  • Lead Strategist in Inbound Marketing
  • Expert in turning lackluster social media sites into revenue-driven performers


Champion of All Things Google

Jay Joseph

Google certified and that’s not all! When he’s not handling all of your SEO needs, you can find Jay speaking on the subjects of AdWords and online reviews to major companies like Google and Constant Contact. He’s also not too shabby on Google Analytics, Scripting, and Conversion Forms.

  • Expert in Search Engine Marketing
  • Well-versed in website design
  • Savvy in multi-layered analytics


Writer and Consummate Wordsmith

Ann Kane

Whether crafting compelling blog posts, creating monthly content calendars, or working on her new book, “Why You should Hire Social Drive” (which will surely be published at some point in the next 10 years), Ann does it all from the Left Coast with a smile.

  • Head Copywriter
  • Former Marketing Director and political strategist
  • Self-professed grammar geek

Our Many Happy Clients

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