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The Founders

Kristine Resendes

Kristine Resendes

Growing up as a first-generation American, I was always taught to do the “practical thing.” Get a “real” job in an “important” field; there wasn’t really room for thinking outside of the box. So, I started at Clark University on scholarship for Biochemistry when I quickly realized I didn’t want to spend my life in a lab, no matter how much I liked DNA centrifuge. After testing out a few areas of study, doing service trips to Nicaragua, and volunteering at non-profits, I realized that I loved understanding people. So, I obtained my Bachelors in Media and Cultural Studies focusing on technology and new media.

I went on to receive a Masters of Science in Business Marketing on full scholarship, which required more focus on business, finance, and entrepreneurship. With my interest in understanding people, I was able to focus on their buying patterns and how to analyze marketing ROI. While working on strategic plans, I was always struck by technology’s growing impact in the business world. With my interest in data management and dipping into the creative outlets of digital video, photography, and gaming, it was easy to merge the two worlds of business and digital marketing.

After graduating, I was hired at a start-up in Cambridge, working on their online advertising analytics and business incubation model. Being promoted from an analyst to a business manager was a big step in my career, but I soon realized that I wanted to be in charge of my own business. That’s when I met my business partner Aubrey Burke. We shared a passion for online marketing and often chatted about running our own company, until one day Aubrey said, “we could do this!” Now I spend my time working on Social Drive’s business, finance, and operations, as well as client-facing projects such as analytics, online advertising campaigns … and some visual design too.


Aubrey Burke

Aubrey Burke

I like spending my weekends focusing on inbound marketing strategy, reviewing our client’s Facebook’s insights and going for long walks on the beach… :)

My story begins in a law office reception desk, fresh out of college, where I spent my days twiddling my thumbs and guessing who was next to pop out of the elevator (no music, no reading, no actual work to do – I was bored). I started heavily browsing the internet and got sucked into the world of blogging. I was amazed at the network of complete strangers interacting with one another 24/7 and thought I’d hop in on the fun. I instantly loved it.

Blogging got me thinking about marketing – specifically how people engage with one another online. I offered to help a family friend help grow his business through social media channels and was quickly hooked on what powerful and effective tools they were. Realizing how few companies were leveraging social media, I partnered with Kristine Resendes to found Social Drive. Now well into our first decade, we’ve helping dozens of clients get past assumptions that have held them back, like

  • Thinking social media is a passing trend and not a proven marketing tool
  • Believing they need a huge budget to manage their social media presence
  • Thinking social media management can be folded into existing in-house project plans




I’m proud to say we’re consistently able to shepherd clients past these stumbling blocks to realize stable, unique and successful online marketing campaigns.


The Team

James Joseph

Jay Joseph

My name is James Joseph, and I love online marketing!

I spend my time running online marketing campaigns, reading blogs, and explaining the internet to clients.

I’m a big advocate of Search Engine Marketing, particularly because of the beautiful simplicity of keyword search intent, which allows for the perfect marriage of effective ads with customers who really appreciate them.

Prior to online marketing, I worked a lot in service-driven fields, and learned first-hand that customer support is the heart and soul of any brand – which is why online review management is near and dear to my heart. Dynamic, and even volatile, online review management is a marketing niche that keeps me on my toes and reminds me that we’re nothing without our customers.

Those are just a few of my favorites, but I love it all – email, blogging, social media. The internet has provided me with a truly amazing way to reach clients that leaves behind the interrupt-driven ads that would intrude during the climax of a good show, or in the middle of a great playlist. I get to make a living by helping small business owners, who are the heart and soul of this country, and by providing great content every day that helps make the web a better place for users like me.


Ann Kane

Ann Kane

When I was growing up on the South Shore I used to dig through photographs, paste them to pieces of paper, write funny captions and mail them to my friends. Having to wait around for Facebook and Instagram to be invented was annoying, sure, but gave me time to hone my skills.

I’m all grown up now, having earned a writing degree from Brown University, and have spent the last two decades building a Boston-based communications career that’s included work on successful political campaigns, securing public funding for education, and healthcare marketing. The Bay Area is home for now, where I live with my husband and Boston Terrier, and get to pretend I fit into the whole Silicon Valley scene. Can’t say I miss the snow shovel.