Local Listing Management/ Local SEO

You’ve probably seen them: search results that remind you of those old clunky phone book listings. These ‘new’ versions of phone books even come with user reviews if you’re a business. That means optimizing your business for location based search, such as that used by Google Maps or Smart Phones, adds an additional layer to traditional SEO. This is a new search factor called a NAP citation (name, address and phone.) Properly building your NAP Citations is absolutely critical for companies that do their business locally because Google is picky, meaning incorrect information can have a negative effect on your local search ranking.

We help with local search in 3 ways.

  • First, we hand build and search optimize top review sites and directories like Google Maps, Apple Maps and Yelp.com to ensure that these high traffic sites not only have accurate NAP Citations, meaning that they’ll help you rank higher on Google, but we’ll also help you rank higher in searches within the site, meaning you’ll get more direct traffic from these high traffic websites.
  • Secondly, we submit your business information to top-level ‘data providers’. These are companies that supply business data to services like Google Maps. By ensuring that these top level data providers have correct NAP information, we help increase the accuracy of your NAP info across thousands of services, review sites and directories, increasing both local search ranking and direct traffic.
  • Lastly, all of this tied into an emphasis on top listing sites and increasing reviews on those sites make our strategies successful.


Local list management